Kyo: Ne tenshi-chin it's alright to cry, demo, don't fall into your sadness, it's so horrible.... I just, want you to know, that I'm your friend, that I'll stand by you, no matter the decision you make, you have so many dreams to realize left, don't surrender now // If it wa san animation Kyo would have hug Tenshi-chin XD;;; // HUN! Everybody make this collab with their boys... and I haved Kyo // Kyo: If I was a boy (8) // WOI! Are ... I just can't stand without doing this! Tenshi-chin can't be suffering that badly! NOT IM MY TURN! (>▽<) ... dakara, I made this with Kyo XD ... I have so many things I would like to say, demo, right know, I'm so asdasd that I can't XD