Taft attended Woodward High School and, like most of his family, attended Yale College in New Haven, Connecticut. At Yale, he was a member of the Linonian Society, a literary and debating society; Skull and Bones, the secret society co-founded by his father in 1832; the Beta chapter of the Psi Upsilon fraternity, and was made an honorary member of the Acacia Fraternity. Later in life he was also inducted into the Omicron-Omicron chapter of the secret society of Theta Nu Epsilon, after delivering the commencement address to the class of 1910 at Ohio Northern University. After college, he attended Cincinnati Law School, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws in 1880. While in law school, he worked on the area newspaper The Cincinnati Commercial. Ascendant Scorpio: as a young man he was very charming man. With Venus and Moon in Leo, around MC (10th house of career) he was also popular. Leo Venus and the Moon want only the best. His high education is seen by Saturn in 9th as also Venus close to MC. The two planets are reason; he was working in abroad (Cuba and Philippines). Private life: Taft married Helen "Nellie" Herron at her parent's home in Cincinnati on June 19, 1886. He was 28 and she was 25. They had two sons and one daughter. Health and death: Taft retired as Chief Justice on February 3, 1930, because of ill health. Charles Evans Hughes whom he had appointed to the Court, while president, succeeded him. Five weeks following his retirement, Taft died, on March 8, 1930, the same date as Associate Justice Edward Terry Sanford (who died unexpectedly) Mars, ruler of his 6th (health) and Venus, ruler of 12th (chronic disease): both have challenged aspects.