Here is a man who really loved his home country: in the 4th, house of home are four planets. There is also Saturn, ruler of 4th. William was Ascendant Libra, ruler Venus in 3rd. He probably liked to write. The same proof for that is North Node in 3rd house. Venus is hard aspected and there was to expect to have some difficulties in his life, especially as Venus rules 8th, house of death. Mars, ruler of other people is also hard aspected. Private life: In 1869, the year he entered politics, McKinley met and began courting his future wife, Ida Saxton, marrying her two years later when she was 23 and he was 28. Within the first three years of their marriage the McKinleys would have two daughters, Katherine and Ida, but neither child lived to see the age of five. About his children: ruler of 5th (children) Uranus is in hard aspect with ruler of 8th, house of death. Health and death: President and Mrs. McKinley attended the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, September 5, 1901. The next morning, McKinley visited Niagara Falls before returning to the Exposition. That afternoon he had an engagement to greet the public at the Temple of Music. Standing in line, Leon Frank Czolgosz waited with a pistol in his right hand concealed by a handkerchief. At 4:07 p.m. Czolgosz fired twice at the president. The first bullet grazed the president's shoulder. The second, went through McKinley's stomach, pancreas, and kidney, and finally lodged in the muscles of his back. One bullet was easily found and extracted, but doctors were unable to locate the second bullet McKinley's doctors believed he would recover, and the President convalesced for more than a week in Buffalo at the home of the exposition's director. By afternoon September 12 McKinley began to go into shock. September 14, 1901, eight days after he was shot, he died from gangrene surrounding his wounds.